How to apply ceramic paint protection like a pro detailer! IGL Poly

How to apply ceramic paint protection like a pro detailer! IGL Poly

How to apply IGL poly ceramic coating

How to apply ceramic paint protection

Hi all and welcome to 2020!

It has been some time since my last blog on this page but now with the new and improved Leading Edge Detailing website as well as the many projects we have close to completion such as Leading Edge Paintless Dent Repair I can now focus on sharing some great content to entertain and assist our loyal customers and followers!

Now to the topic of ceramic coatings, it is both a science and art to do a fantastic job in application but with the right technique and product there is no reason that an avid DIY detailer cannot safely attempt to apply their own coating and achieve fantastic results!

I will not go into detail in this post about the benefits and why you should have a good high quality ceramic coating such as IGL Coatings as I will leave this for a dedicated post but in short and simple you can categories the benefits into these 3 areas:

  • Protection of the paintwork
  • Ease of washing and maintenance
  • Enhance looks and appearance

The product we will be discussing today is IGL Poly which in Australia can be purchased from this product is special because it is a professional high grade ceramic paint protection coating yet it is simple and easy enough to apply by a high skilled enthusiast.

Tools required:


Before application of any coating, wax etc… the vehicle that is to be protected must be washed, clay bar decontaminated, paint corrected (or in an acceptable condition to be ceramic coated) and parked in a shaded clean area away from sun, dust, water or debris! In this tutorial we will assume that this preparation has been carried out. It is imperative that the vehicle is dry and remains dry during the entire coating process including 4 hours after application of the product (ideally remaining dry overnight).

  1. Using the IGL Precoat in your IGL poly kit and a high quality microfiber cloth, gently and carefully wipe down all painted surfaces of your vehicle to remove any wax or product that may be on the paintwork.
  2. Wearing your gloves place the included IGL green microsuide applicator cloth onto the sponge side of the green IGL applicator block and evenly drip product on the microsuide cloth, 5 to 10 drops will be required initially then reducing to 3-5 drops as you continue coating.
  3. Beginning from the cleanest areas of your vehicle (generally roof, bonnet etc.) and using the applicator block/cloth apply product onto the surface of the vehicle in 50cm x 50cm areas in a cross hatch pattern ensuring even and total coverage of surface. Note that the product is very spreadable and you will not require too much product (especially true once the cloth becomes saturated as you continue coating). Coat 1 panel at a time before moving onto the next panel.
  4. Once the product has been applied for 10 minutes and using a new microfiber cloth folded into 4’s gently and carefully wipe the product off the panel that has been coated. It is important to be careful not to cross over onto other panels, windows or trims during this process to avoid smearing the product.
  5. Using a second new microfiber cloth repeat the above process for the same panel (wipe twice with two microfiber cloths) to ensure 100% that no additional product remains other than what has adhered to the paintwork.
  6. Continue the above method of application and wiping flipping over the microfiber cloths (or replacing them with other new cloths) until the entire vehicle is coated. To speed up the process you may coat multiple panels using a stop watch set to 10 minutes to signal the time to wipe product off.
  7. Your vehicle is now protected with IGL Poly!

The video below also outlines the above process for ease of viewing!