NISMO R34 GTR Z-Tune detailing video goes viral!

NISMO R34 GTR Z-Tune detailing video goes viral!

Hi all and my apologies for the recent quiet period on the website!

As many of you would know, things have been rather busy! In saying this however, I will endeavour to improve the frequency of my updates to keep you all in the loop with the wonderful things happening at leading edge!

Recently we had the amazing opportunity to detail and protect an extremely rare and collectible vehicle, an original Nismo R34 GTR Z-Tune chassis number #01 of 20 ever made!

Some quick facts about this car:

– Built in 2005 by Nismo factory
– Completely hand built 2.8L (RB28DETT) GT500 Nismo race engine producing 500bhp
– Numerous use of dry carob including the entire front end, floor pan and various carbon reinforcements
– Unique colour to Z-Tunes
– Only 1 in Australia and valued at well over $1,000,000 !

Now back to the detailing at hand!

In preparation for a private event, the owner used our services to give this rare car its first wash in 8 years! Yes that is not a typo! This vehicle has almost not been driven since new and still has the plastics inside to cover the steering wheel and pedals! Not just that, we carried out some serious paint correction to restore 12 years of car cover damage as well as apply our extremely popular IGL Kenzo multi layer ceramic coating!

Tasks carried out:

– Snow foam pre-wash
– Multi stage paint correction removing 95% + of swirl marks and scratches
– Application of IGL Kenzo Ceramic Paint Protection

Enjoy the video which we created that has now received over 3 million views on Facebook!