Nissan R35 GTR – Full Detail and Paint Correction

Nissan R35 GTR – Full Detail and Paint Correction

Good afternoon visitors and welcome to our first blog!

The Nissan R35 GTR for those who are not serious about their cars is the flagship sports car of Nissan Motors and arguably the fastest current Japanese sports car. With one of the fastest 0-100kph times of all cars at 2.8 seconds it is a serious bit of machinery that must be maintained and respected.

Like all cars on the road, no matter how well built and engineered, improper maintenance and use will always lead to imperfections in the paint (swirls, scratches etc…) as well as a soiled interior.

This particular R35 GTR in a rare blue colour was purchased by a serious car lover who could not bring himself to drive it in its existing condition. The GTR externally was less than perfect with medium swirling and scratches over the entire body as well as various stains on the inside cream coloured leather.

The brief was to revive the car to as perfect condition as possible inside and out, we were handed the keys and given 3 days to work our magic.