Glass Protection Coating

Leading Edge
Glass Coating Packages

Whilst Glass is a much harder material than paint, it does get dirty rather quickly as well as being susceptible to stains from acids found in bird/bat droppings and so on.

The Leading Edge glass coating chemically bonds to the exterior surface of glass to form a super smooth chemical resistant barrier that lasts for years.

Further to the above, the coating is highly hydrophobic resulting in better visibility in the rain and cleaner glass!


  • Leading Edge Glass Coating $75 per Windscreen (front and rear) $25 per side window Small qtr glass is coated at no extra fee when all windows are coated
Prices quoted are based on small/medium sedans. Additional charges will be incurred for Exotic Vehicles, Large Sedans, SUV's, 4WD's, abnormally dirty vehicles, Vans and Trucks. 20% surcharge applies to Sundays and Public Holidays.